Distill the web for your next outreach campaign.

Helping publishers to contact local news media.

Stop using the Google Ads and Facebook ads ! Get in touch directly with your local media to publish your content.

Our service is based on a intuitive plateform that automatically search for the best leads in your sector.

Find the best opportunities to promote your brand in local media.

It’s time to take control back on your marketing expense. With Dystil.co you will save money and have a better result for your digital campaign.

We have built an intuitive plateform, it brings you the best opportunities in your niche to share content with.


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Search among the best leads in your niche and start building trust.

Do not waste your time with fraudulent sites. With Dystil.co you have access to quality websites to share your content with. Our algorithm identify topic website and adjusted by our ranker. 

Monitor the web

Use our algorithm to distill the web
25 $ Monthly
  • Monitor the web in your niche daily
  • Export your list of contacts in CSV
  • Email of the best content from your niche
  • List of contacts automatically update

Hire a Dystiler

Work with someone for your outreach campaign
150 $ Monthly
  • Monitor the web for news in your niche
  • Export your list of contacts in CSV
  • Trends digest
  • Personal Report on content suggestion and media partnership

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