It's time to say goodbye to Facebook ads and Google ads.

Wait… another marketing plateform ? Another tool that promise me the impossible : Scalable SEO ?

I know, me to I am tired. But stay with me, I think it’s the best time to launch My main goal is to connect you with trust media news outlets near you. My job is to find you the best spot in the media in your niche and that are interested in your product / service. And guess what, there is a ton ! A lot of local presse website doesn’t get cover : because Google is bad at indexing. Local media doesn’t run ads, and in 2021 all the first page of Google is cover by ads. It’s not fair. So, my solution is to run a search engine based on local news media. Presse website that are specialized in your niche, that would love to hear from you, because they are actively looking for content, so join in, it’s time to get detox from the PPC.

How does it work ?

Enter your geolocation to get local research.

After login, Inform the city where you live and receive opportunities near you. Our algorithm has been developed to narrow niches media in you aera. You can refine by clicking on your profil, then edit. Fil the form with the information and you are all set !

Dystil | Loging Page | How does it work

Filter the media that interesting you.

In search you can enter your key word and the country you are looking to get media cover. displays the latest news, updated hourly, so everything you see is the hot topic of the moment in your aera.

You can save the content by clicking on « + » or let us know the content you are not interested by clicking on « -« . The algorithm will adjust and not display the same type of content next time. 

Create alerts and start distilling content.

By clicking on the bell icon, you will create a alert. From now on, the tool will automatically saved all the content with the same keyword. The list is updated daily, and you can review it on « My alerts » Tab.

There is so much going on, that it’s hard to reduce the noise when looking for content. By creating an Alert, we distill for you the best content going on on the media near you. Our algorithm is powered by Microsoft Azure Bing news Search? Its means that all the content that we are displaying are trust news media, with high influence,  guarantee with no spam.

Distilling the best content from your keyword and export your list.

In this tab, you can control the liste that you have create after a search. Your liste are create in function of thword that you have saved. It’s very easy to change liste, just by clicking on the keyword on top.

To export your list and. toget the info about the media you want, you have to click on the top right of your screen  » Download list » A window will open asking you the date range and wich liste you want to download, in CSV format.

Collect your list, distilled.

Once you have export your list, you can start collecting and ordering your contacts. Our liste are export with :

Url, Domain name, Description of the website, Domain authority, main keywords.

See an exemple of a liste created with

Marc Bauche

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