Why did I build Dystil.co ?

Your web page is like a grain of sand in the ocean.

It started during a conversation with a client. We argued over Google controlling the web. My client was sure there was a possibility for a new search engine to appear and take over the Google monopoly : because Google doesn’t do the job properly of representing the extent of the web.

With my SEO expert belief, I argued against this because Google controls all the non-toxic websites on the internet, and their grip on the legal internet was too big to ever have competition catch up.

So what did we do? We asked Google how they were controlling the web, in other ways on many pages Google has indexed ? This that started a spark in my entrepreneurial journey : Google had indexed only 4% of the information that exists on the internet.

It’s means a lot to me, has my world collapsed? If Google only indexes 4% of the internet and their users rarely go over the first page of a search, it means that the content we consume represent only  0,04% of all websites from the internet.

WorldWide web | Index Google

Targeting the 0,04% websites.

Google is the company, that distill the web the best, no doubt. It represents 2,5 quintillion bytes of data daily. 

But since the past years, it has increasingly push for their paid content, I have witness this manoeuvre since working in SEO. The Silicon Valley mastodonte has capitalized on their advertising revenu, pushing down small website to page 2.

For small business, it’s harder today to appear in first page with simple SEO techniques, and on a budget. You need a long therme strategy and starts create partnership with experiment website if you want to appears during a search. Some website has been validate by Google, they have the good spot during the search, between the ads. These website are essential for your ranking. By creating a lik with them, you use their good reputation, ranking score,   

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Aiming for local news press websites to maximize your local search.

Local press is becoming my obsession. They are the best asset for ranking your website. They are niche press oriented and they appear during News research. For exemple, websites are appearing in Bing news or Google discover ( soon Google Showcase ) gets more traffic than simple search in google bar.

So thee value of targeting niche press websites are :

  • They have proven value in their niche.
  • They are looking for new content daily.
  • They are open to guest post.
  • Get feature in Google Discover.
Niche press website | dystil

Automatizing the search, focus on what matter.

So here our bet : niche press websites + Quality content = SEO improvement. I wanted to build a plateforme that automatically research for the best press websites for our clients, so they can have access to a pool of media. Dystil.co is a Saas, it runs on Microsoft Azure. We are using Bing Search Api to target websites, we display the one with the highest chance to share content with. The user experience is very easy, you just have to enter your keyword and receive opportunities in your mail box. 

Dystil.Co | how it works


The web is a big place, I want to offer SEO professionals a tool to help them to order content in their will. We are always on the hunt for new media, blog, podcast to promote our brands, Dystil.co is here to simplify your searches, and to get less dependent on Google algorithm. 

If you want to try dystil.co you can subscribe here : Join Dystil.co 

Marc Bauche

Marc Bauche

SEO specialist, building Dystil.co from scratch.

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